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Who we are and what we stand for: 

Our years of consulting experience in companies has shown that changes do not yield the desired success predominantly due to the fact that the affected individuals are not given sufficient consideration. This is the precise reason why we founded L|T Organisationsberatung: We pool our experience and expertise with scientific findings in work design. As industrial and organizational psychologists, we are specialists on the behaviour and the needs of people in organizations.

We regard three topic areas as decisive for the success of a company: successful change processes, situational employee management, and motivational work and process design in times of digitalization. For this reason, we specifically emphasize the topics of change management, leadership 4.0, and organizational psychology in our service portfolio. 


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Your contact persons
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Mag. Anna Lammert-Hejl

Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Austrian Employee Protection Law, Systemic Consultant, Dipl. Coach

Tel.: 0043 699 181 48 733

e-mail: lammert@lt-organisationsberatung.at

Manager of Psychologie Lammert



Mag. Rhonda Staudner-Turin

Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, 
Psychological Coach, Business Development
& Surveys

Tel.: 0043 699 114 79 509

e-mail: turin@lt-organisationsberatung.at

Board Member of Fachverein für Arbeits-, Wirtschafts- und Organisationspsychologie

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