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You already know that the success of your company and the well-being of your employees go hand in hand!

We offer you customized consulting services to support the growth of your company with the help of the "human" success factor. As industrial and organizational psychologists, we are experts when it comes to optimizing your company with the "human" factor.

In times of digitalization, we especially focus on the topics of change management as well as leadership and work and process design.

And we know: Managers and leaders naturally have a great interest in facts and figures. Therefore, we accompany you in the implementation of measures including, on request, an effectiveness check with easly measurable and comparable key figures.

Services by L|T Organisationsberatung


Core competences of L|T Organisationsberatung


Change Management

Did you know that 80% of mergers and 50% of outsourcing projects do not yield the desired economic success?

It seems logical but all too often is still not given enough consideration:

The critical factor in all these changes is and remains the human being. Frequently, though, the health and motivational effects of change processes on the remaining employees (“survivors”) is underestimated. As industrial and organizational psychologists, we are experts on human behavior. We know exactly where you need to begin so that your planned change will yield the desired economic success.


We cooperate with your change manager on the design of your restructuring:

  • agreement on the change concept to maintain working capacity of employees

  • risk analysis and devising employee relief structures

  • training of managers

  • process-accompanying working groups

  • development of a communication strategy


Leadership 4.0

Numerous studies and our experience confirm: productivity, loyalty, identification, working atmosphere and motivation of employees are significantly influenced by the quality of leadership! However, digitalization poses numerous and varied challenges to managers: job cuts, employee-oriented leadership despite time pressure, leadership from afar (telework or international responsibility) or of multi-cultural teams, quick decisions in times of crisis, the introduction of robot work-stations, etc. We combine our expertise to prepare your managers for these challenges.


Our offer to you:

  • development of management training / trainings on topics of: employee oriented leadership, conflict management, leading of multicultural teams

  • advice on digitization/automatization of workplaces


Organizational psychology

Increase your competitiveness by optimizing your company culture or via a healthy work design!

Unfavorably designed working conditions or a company culture which does not reflect your company values lead to losses in efficiency, productivity, and quality (for example, the emergence of conflicts, needless duplicate work) and also increase your costs of sick leave. It is up to you to design a psychologically healthy environment. And this doesn’t always cost as much money as perhaps imagined!

Our industrial and organizational psychology know-how includes:

  • diagnosis and design of your company culture (for example, introduction of agile methods, change of a "mistake culture", optimization of the communication culture).

  • analysis, evaluation, derivation of measures for the (in most European countries) legally required  psychological risk assessment/Evaluierung psychischer Belastungen as well as professional support in implementing measures.